What size Dots are available?
At present there are two size dots available, thats a 3.5 minute dot and a 7 minute Dot.  The 3.5 is more for rifle and  Bullseye shooters, where as the 7 minute dot is more for handgun and Shotgun applications, IPSC, speed shooting, etc.

Where can I buy a sight?
You can order a sight directly from Docter-USA direct .  There a lot of Docter Red Dot sights out there for sale, but beware they are old Stock and we do not warranty.  Buy Direct and get the latest version with USA Warranty!!!

Where do I go to get my docter fit to my slide for IPSC (www.uspsa.com)?
When it comes to IPSC the site must be custom fit to the slide which requires a lot of work.  If you look at the picture you will see the sight is installed very low on the slide to give the shooter a better and more reliable sight picture.  This SIGHT PICTURE WOULD BE IDENTICAL TO SHOOTING IRON SIGHTS, BUT WITH A RED DOT! Please email me at sales@docterusa.com so I can direct you in the right direction.

Can Docter USA rebuild or bulletproof my Red dot Sight?
Docter USA can completely rebuild or BULLETPROOF your sight to withstand any vibration or recoil. The cost for a complete rebuild or BULLETPROOFING is $195 plus $5 for return shipping. Please contact us for more information.

What is the difference between Docter and say C-More and other red dot sights on the market?
The biggest difference is the sight picture.  With the Docter, the sight picture is right over the bore, you look down your slide and theres the dot.  Say you want to shoot at a target 1 yard away, with a docter its point of aim point of impact, with a C-More on the other hand, you must put your DOT about 4-5 inches higher to compensate for the spacing between the sight DOT and the bore.  Now say you want to shoot at something 50 yards away,  Docter ONCE again is point of aim point of impact, where as a  C-More  you must compensate at 50 yards depending on where your sight is holding zero.

Here is a comparison of the different mountings of red dots.  The picture on the right shows our custom mounting which allows you to have the same zero from 3 yards to 100 yards as the red dot is mounted so close to the Bore..  In this mounting method, the red dot is at the exact same place as the fixed sight would be..

Please email us with questions and how we can help mount your red dot.