Using Docter Red Dot Sights

Using Docter Red Dot Sights is easy but you should know a few things. Designed with precision in mind, Docter gives you the most accurate Red Dot Sight in the business.

The Docter is made with PREMIUM GERMAN GLASS, and is two pieces of precision glass bound together to give a precise NO PARALEX red dot sight..

The Docter is one of the oldest and most respected red dot sights on the market.  Dont buy copies, or red dots that look like Docters as you will get just that!!! A COPY that will most likely be a throw away!!!

DocterUSA offers a 5 year NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty on all the red dot sights we sell.  If the unit stops working for any reason at all, send it back and we will repair and return immediately!!! The turn around time for repair is 3 days, period! This does not account for shipping in both directions.  This means I need 3 days to fix and return.  The only thing we can not warranty is if you drop the unit and break the glass..  The glass can not be replaced as it is permanently affixed to the unit…

Buy a Docter Red Dot Sight and buy the piece of mind that you are getting the best!!!

DOCTER RED DOT SIGHT: NSN # 1240-01-622-4867






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